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Welcome to Mommas Baby! We specialize in healthier, more environmentally friendly and natural/organic products for momma and baby. You will find products for your natural/organic baby nursery that are beautiful.

At Mommas Baby you will find everything for natural parenting. We provide a full range of cloth diapers and diapering supplies, a beautiful assortment of organic clothing for your newborn layette, natural toys, natural skin care, pregnancy and nursing supplies, wool blankets and our own beautiful organic bedding collection.

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Beautiful Organic Moses Baskets and bedding, Custom futons,

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Choose from a wide selection of organic and hemp fabrics such as linens, organic moses baskets, baby blankets, organic mattress’s and much more. At Mommas Baby we also offer a large selection of beautiful organic baby gift baskets and baby gifts. We will even create that special one for you!

We offer a personalized Baby Gift Registry for that special Baby Shower and a Wish List to make shopping easier. Choose from our large selection of baby shower gifts for your newborn!
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We offer Local Delivery and Pickup to Leigh Valley customers. Please also contact us for Natural Parenting Classes. Click to read information regarding FREE HOSPITAL DELIVERY and store pick up. Are you having Twins? Click Here for Answers to Cloth Diapering Questions for Twins and available Discounts.

You will find products for your baby nursery that are natural and beautiful in both organic and hemp fabrics – linens, noses baskets, baby blankets, mattress’s and much more. In addition we offer a personalized Baby Gift Registry and Wish List to make shopping easier. Choose from our large selection of baby shower gifts for your newborn!

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Natural and Organic Baby Clothing

Natural and organic baby clothing is one way to make sure that your baby will be able to get the highest quality of clothing as well as the most environmentally friendly clothing is available on the market today. Within many parts of the garment industry, baby clothing is sort of cheaply made and with inferior materials. There’s no telling what types of allergies and irritations that a child will have in the early stages of life. Baby clothing needs to be extremely soft as well is flexible because of a baby’s delicate skin. As a baby is learning to walk and crawl it’s important to have the proper amount of flexibility as well as a type of clothing is going to be smooth and of high quality throughout their growth stages. Natural and organic baby clothing ensures that kids can have the highest quality of materials to prevent any irritations and to prevent any breakage in baby clothing.

Other advantages come with the labor concerns that surround baby clothing. In many forms of textile manufacturing labor is exploited. The garment industry is outsourced to countries where minimum wage is much lower and conditions for factory work are much cheaper. As a result retailers are able to produce clothing for a much cheaper rate but in many cases the workers who are producing this clothing are exploited for their labor and paid next to nothing for their labor efforts. While the prices of the clothing will continue to rise the labor costs will stay roughly the same. Buying natural and organic baby clothing will help to ensure that the clothing that your purchasing comes from a local market and from a labor force that is not exploited in any way.

Organic cotton is also created as a high-quality clothing material. Creating organic cotton means that there is a more renewable source of cotton and it is done without any form of genetically engineered seeds. Genetically engineered seeds can be extremely destructive to the growth environment and also require synthetic fertilizers and toxic herbicides and pesticides in order to grow. With organic cotton none of these steps are taken so each step of the process is more natural and results in a much better and more environmentally friendly product. Keeping pesticides away from babies clothing and any form of new clothing will also help to ensure the health and well-being of your baby and to make sure that they do not have any kind of adverse reactions to fabrics and other textiles.

Keeping away from dyes as well as specialized resins and formaldehyde which is used for processing many forms of fabrics will help to ensure that your baby will develop in a much healthier way and avoid any skin irritants that can come from these textiles. Organic baby clothing is extremely fashionable and features many of the same styles that you would find in a typical baby clothing line, with all of the irritants taken out of it, a more sustainable growth, and a much better labor arrangement, you can just feel good about buying natural and organic baby clothing.

Natural organic nursery

Creating an organic nursery can be tough to know how to do. There are some great organic living arrangements that you can make to help make the environment that your baby grows up in and lives in during the early stages of their life, more environmentally friendly. Green living initiatives seem to be taking off all around the world and in many different settings, it’s no wonder that organic nurseries are beginning to crop up everywhere as well. Here are some tips on how to help create a natural organic nursery for your baby.

Organic furniture and cribs: cribs can be created out of specialized materials as well as renewable wood sources to ensure that the environmental impact of the crib is minimized. In many cases, cheaper furniture can have harmful toxins within them they can cause irritations to the baby as well as harmful effects if the baby were ever to ingest any of the materials used to create the furniture. Organic furniture is made of real wood with a much higher quality than some other forms of furniture. Taking out all of the harmful toxins and also using real quality craftsmanship ensures that each piece of organic furniture within the nursery will be able to last for many years and never pose a threat to a babies lifestyle.

Organic crib mattresses: baby spend quite a bit of time sleeping so it’s important to make sure that you get a mattress that is safe and healthy in every piece of its construction. Organic mattresses are created to reduce the amount of irritation that babies experience while they are sleeping. Organic cotton is extremely soft and is produced without using any pesticides or toxins so there is less of a chance that a baby will get any source of irritation from their mattress. With the quality construction as well as natural materials, organic mattresses make sure that babies are always sleeping in a safe and clean environment.

Eco-friendly carpets and flooring: the flooring and carpet can contain certain toxins which can be released into the environment. Selecting a carpet or flooring style which does not trap dust and hair will help to prevent a baby from counteracting any respiratory problems. Knowing all of the flooring alternatives in Eco-friendly design will also help you to create your nursery with a much more environmental construction method which is more sustainable.

Nursery paint that is Eco-friendly: pain can be extremely hazardous to the health of the baby, using Eco-friendly paints will help to reduce the amount of toxins which are in a nursery environment. Because Eco-friendly paints to not contain the VOC levels of traditional nursery paints, these are much safer for nursery environments and can make sure that your child is much safer not being exposed to the toxins of harmful paints.

Keeping these Eco-friendly building tools in mind will help you to design the perfect natural organic nursery to ensure that your child has an extremely safe environment to grow up in during the early stages of their life.